1. PETERSON BUILDING [entrance]: Houses wildlife exhibits, SD Fishing Museum, farm tools, traps, Native American artifacts, printing press, miniature antique farm equipment, scrapbooks, and public restrooms in the office. This building was named for Petersons who had the building built.
  1. AKERSON BUILDING: Has model of a parlor, music room, kitchen, millinery, as well as displays of doctor, dentist, optometrist office, bank, mortuary, cameras, baby room, sewing room, Burton Wist memorabilia, and women’s related articles. This building was named for Oscar & Betty Akerson who had the building built.
  1. REX N. BATIE BUILDING: Holds tractors (mostly Case) donated and built by Batie family, gas engines and signs.
  1. DICK & MARVEL WASHNOK BUILDING: Built by the Washnoks. Building contains old fire engines and is a gathering place for events and activities.
  1. JACOB & SELMA BUEHLER FARMHOUSE: This home was brought to the museum from rural butler. Four generations of Buehler family lived in it.
  1. CARL M. JOHNSON MEMORIAL BUILDING: Displays tractors and gas engines belonging to Johnson family. This building was built by the Johnsons.
  1. WILLIAM NAESSIG MEMORIAL BUILDING: Naessig family built it to hold horse drawn equipment and tools used and collected by the Naessig Family.
  1. BRISTOL DEPOT: Built by Milwaukee Road in 1880’s. Donated by Burlington Northern. Rail display on the outside. Public restrooms in front.
  2. GRAMBERG BLACKSMITH SHOP: This shop was brought to the museum from Waubay.
  1. WALLACE TELEPHONE BUILDING: The office was originally in Wallance. One of the operators lived in the building.
  1. MILDRED O’NEILL’S SHOE HOUSE: Built by Mildred O’Neill so she could share her collection of over 11,000 shoe-related items.
  1. FERN’S FASHIONS: Fern Buehler was a collector of vintage clothing. She had this building brought in to hold her collection.
  1. ELMER VEVANG BARBER SHOP: Elmer’s shop was located in Roslyn. He was a barber in Roslyn for over 50 years.
  1. GRENVILLE JAIL: This building came to the museum from Grenville.
  1. ROBERT O. NELSON SHOE & HARNESS SHOP: Came from Waubay. Nelson did harness repair and oiling and shoe repair.
  1. KOZY KORNER KAFE/CREAMERY AND COUNTRY STORE: This was moved to the museum from Butler.
  1. SOGN HOUSE: Built in Bristol in 1890. Ingrid Sogn raised three daughters by herself doing laundry and cooking for threshing crews.
  1. MORTON METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH: Was originally in Morton Township.
  1. SIGURD ANDERSON MEMORIAL BUILDING: Built to honor 19th governor of SD. This building holds his memorabilia as well as a military display.
  1. ORTLEY POST OFFICE: Moved from Ortley. The mailboxes are from the Butler Post Office.
  1. RUSK TOWNSHIP SCHOOL #110: Rural school brought to the museum.
  1. LEE AUTO BUILDING: Building built by Jan and Shirley Lee to hold classic and antique automobiles.
  2. AG BUILDING: Tractors, tools and equipment 1890-1950.